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Drayage Operations

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W & B Trucking, Inc. is a leader in INTERMODAL CARRIAGE to all of the Southeastern ports and railways.  Those ports serviced daily include Miami FL, Port Everglades FL, Jacksonville FL, Savannah GA, Wilmington NC, and Charleston SC.  Also serviced daily by W & B Trucking, Inc are the rail facilities in Charlotte NC and Atlanta GA.

By offering company owned equipment and drivers employed by W & B Trucking, Inc, they offer the best customer service and on-time ratio available.  Also, W & B Trucking, Inc provides as much customer assistance needed with bookings and brokerage issues.  Many customers let W & B Trucking, Inc make all bookings, schedule pickup and delivery appointment, and serve as their liaison between the ports/rails and the customers.  With W & B Trucking, Inc handling your Intermodal shipments, you can rest assured they are in the best hands.

Over the last 10 years, they have become well known in this market and have won numerous “Carrier of the Year” awards.  They partner with each customer to meet and exceed every expectation.


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